股票礼品 & 共同基金

Donating shares of stock is a tax-savvy way to help save lives!

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当你赠送股票和其他证券时, you make an outsized impact without taking money directly out of your bank account. +, neither you nor the 美国心脏协会 will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate.

实现你的捐赠目标, 享受潜在的税收优惠, and contribute to the mission of the 美国心脏协会. 这是三赢.

美国心脏协会与 自愿, making it easy for you to donate stock and other securities.


  • 你可以立即收到所得税的节省.
  • You may be able to avoid capital gains tax on appreciated stock.
  • 当你把股票直接捐给慈善机构时, your gift can be up to 20% larger because you avoid the taxes you’d incur from selling and donating the cash.
  • Stock gifts are easy to transfer using our platform powered by 自愿.
  • Donations of appreciated securities may be designated for a specific fund or purpose in the association’s mission.


  1. 选择要捐赠的证券

    You’ll need your brokerage name, account number, stock name, and number of shares you want to donate. Donors generally incur the greatest tax benefit when donating appreciated stock that has been held for more than a year. 如有任何疑问,请与您的经纪公司联系.

  2. 提交转让证券的请求

    使用我们的免费, 安全, and confidential online tool to complete the necessary forms in as little as ten minutes. Submit them 安全ly online through DocuSign or choose to print and mail the completed forms yourself.

  3. 我们收到了你的礼物

    你的股票转给了美国心脏协会. Once complete, you’ll receive a tax acknowledgment for the market value of your gift.



You can complete your gift and support our mission in as little as ten minutes. 我们的自由, 安全, and confidential online tool through 自愿 walks you through the process step-by-step.


If you've donated stock previously and are familiar with the process, access the 美国心脏协会's brokerage and DTC information.


Are you a financial advisor working on behalf of your philanthropic client? Use this tool to request a securities transfer on behalf of your clients.


Additional information about one of the most advantageous ways to make an impact on a heart-healthy future:



Having a well-known cardiologist as a father was a point of pride for Patti Brayton. She saw first-hand the amazing personal care he provided for over 30 years in their community outside Chicago. 她十几岁就失去了母亲, Patti grew up attending cardiology events as her father's "plus one,“所以她在舞厅里总是感觉很自在. Her connection to matters of the heart became even stronger when her husband Joe co-founded a company providing medications for heart transplant patients and those with congestive heart failure (CHF). Patti eventually lost her father to CHF and she and Joe began actively supporting their local 美国心脏协会 in his honor. "It felt good to honor him by giving back and fighting for the hearts of others, 就像他几十年来那样,帕蒂说. 她退休后, Patti turned her attention on the Dallas Cotes du Coeur Gala, 通过无声拍卖帮助筹集救生资金. She and Joe became so active they were asked to chair the event. They took the helm of the 2022 gala and helped to lead it to a sold-out success, raising $5.5 million for the mission of the 美国心脏协会.

与此同时,他们正在为这次活动做计划, Patti and Joe were taking their support of the AHA to new heights in another way as well - through a substantial gift of stock. 时机很好,也很合理. The couple had purchased this stock several years earlier, watching its value ebb and flow. At times they thought about selling it - their initial investment had appreciated more than ten times over - yet the taxes would prevent the sale from being very profitable.

“人们不考虑税收影响,”帕蒂说. “但如果你把钱捐出去,非营利组织就会受益. If you've made a lot of money in a stock and need a tax write-off, do it.“给帕蒂和乔, a stock gift was the perfect way to take a small initial investment and turn around and make a positive impact for a nonprofit close to their hearts. 正如布雷顿夫妇所说,“这对每个人都有好处!"



例如,你5年前花1000美元买了一只股票. 从你购买股票到今天, 这只股票的价值从1美元涨到了现在,000 to $5,000. This increase in value is commonly referred to as a capital gain. 如果你今天把股票作为礼物转让给协会, 你可能会赚到5美元,000美元的礼物只花了你1美元,000.


If you have any further questions about the benefits of charitable donations of stock and other securities, 请电子邮件 (电子邮件保护) 或致电888-2227-5242.